Drone Park™: Drone racing, rental, and training! 

What's your vision?

Drone Parks Worldwide is a Houston-based technology startup. We have been a project for 2 years, and on official company for 1.

How do I invest?

Can I franchise?

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Drone Investment opportunity

How can I start flying?

Where do I buy a drone? 

What we've been asked the most

How long until your first

Drone Park™ opens?​

Currently, we are in our final stages of "idea stage". This means that we are currently planning for our first Drone Park™, each park after that, and who we want on our team.

Why are Nick + Marjorie

the right team?

Absolutely! Nick and Marjorie have extensive experiences speaking about UAV technology. They've spoken at Texas A&M, Sam Houston, and several technology conferences. 

Where are you in the process?

Our vision is to build Drone Parks across the world for professional and recreational drone use. 

We recommend starting with an inexpensive drone from Amazon. 

Our goal is to have doors open by January 1st, 2018.

Nick and Marjorie host very unique, hard to find qualities that compliment each other. Nick is the visionary, designer, and hacker of the team while Marjorie is the "Chief Get Shit Done Officer". 

Does DPW do public speaking events?

What is Drone Parks Worldwide?