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A Drone Park™ consists of our proprietary, indoor/outdoor structure within which drones race in a futuristic obstacle course-like setting. With a focus on the FPV experience, be prepared for the ride of your life!


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By providing a safe, controlled environment, we promise a thrilling, hassle-free adventure for all drone racing enthusiasts. From beginners to experts, all are welcome!

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Drone Parks' patent-pending technology heralds the future of drone racing. Our proprietary technology allows us to expand to drone racing to more than just a hobby. 

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We believe drones are the future. Our vision is to build Drone Parks™ for people of all ages and skill levels to fly drones. A place with adaptable space, endless obstacles, and thrilling adventures. An arena where beginners, experts, and friends can step into the pilot’s seat and feel the rush of flying through the eyes of a drone. An immersive environment that transports people through the screen of a video game and into a virtual world with drone challenges and games.

The world of Drones is on the brink of a revolution...