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Our vision is to free you.

By designing indoor facilities around First Person View Drone Racing, Drone Parks Worldwide is transforming the drone pilot and spectator experience into one that is thrilling, safe, and hassle-free.

Whether you’re a beginner (we’ll teach you!) or an expert, we invite you to step into the pilot’s seat, and feel the adrenaline rush when you race through the eyes of a drone.

Meet the Founders

Nick Madincea

Founder & CEO

Growing up in a Formula One family, Nick picked up his need for speed at a young age. Fast cars soon led to fast planes, and by the time Nick was 12 he was training for his private pilot’s license. He’ll never forget the first time he took to the skies — “it was sweet freedom.” It was the desire to share this euphoric feeling that inspired him to found Drone Parks Worldwide just 8 years later. But transitioning from piloting airplanes to drones was much more difficult than it should be, he thought. While interning at a law office, Nick learned of all the hassles drone pilots face, and decided to found a company dedicated to offering everyone a safe, hassle-free, and thrilling drone entertainment experience. And all this before even graduating high school?!

Marjorie Ferrone

Co-Founder & COO

A lifetime of Junior Olympic-level sports led Marjorie to attend the United States Naval Academy, where she first learned of drones in the military context. She wondered how such a powerful tool could instead be used for positive change. Realizing she needed a more flexible lifestyle, she transferred to the University of Pennsylvania, and continued following the consumer-friendly adaptation of drone technology. After graduating Summa Cum Laude, she crossed paths with Nick at a high school reunion, and jumped at the opportunity to co-found a company creating buzz (pun intended) 😉 in the burgeoning drone industry. Becoming one of the first female trailblazers was nothing new for her, who was also one of the first women living aboard a ballistic missile submarine. What’s next for Marjorie?

Fly Free™

Drones are the future. But education is the path. It is key to our vision to spread the positive potential of drone technology.

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