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Based on our workshop at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, our drone education curriculum can teach anyone the basics of drone flight, operations, and building! 

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For the past two years, drones have been an increasing in public interest. Our demonstrations are guaranteed to capture the attention of any audience from any walk of life. Our skilled drone racing pilots prioritize safety while still exhibiting the amazing maneuverability of their vehicles. 

Drone Education

Every industry has it's great speakers. In the world of drone entertainment, these speakers are Nick Madincea and Marjorie Ferrone. As part of our executive team, these two have travelled Texas speaking about drones and educating the public.  Nick and Marjorie will be speaking at TedxTAMU in march

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As the world's first established drone entertainment company, Drone Parks Worldwide prides ourselves on being the worldwide leader of drone entertainment and training. On a regular basis, we help everyone from teachers to drone entrepreneurs achieve great things through our resources, experience, and devotion to excellence.  

In recent months, many have called us "the drone entertainment industry bellwether."  We believe that this comes as a result of our corporate business organization, exceptional leadership team, and our industry involvement .  Right now, we feel that it is time to give back...

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