Drone Park™: Drone racing, rental, and training! 

Our team recently attended the world's first drone play: "Space Junk: Do people dream of electric children?" 

We believe that this event signals the entrance of drone technology into the arts, fully embedding drones into our society. It was a honor for our team to attend such an event, right here in Houston! 

If you're an artist interested in using drones in any art form be sure to contact us! 

Every company has a logo so what's different about ours?

The answers comes in art. We have designed our logo to represent not only our company, but the drone community as well. 

The color green represents the energy of the drone community in addition to the energy of our young team, and drone technology. 

The shape is a 3D modeled infiniti sign. This alludes to the spinning of a drone's rotor and represents the infinite possibilities of drone technology within our parks

Why does DPW care about art? 

At Drone Parks Worldwide we believe that art serves an important part of culture and society. Inspired by the Deputy Director of NASA, Dr. Dava Newmann, we believe that STEM should really be called STEAMD: Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics, and Design. Artists and Designers tell stories; without them there would be no one to recollect the happenings of the drone community! 


Our Drone Art Outreach 

Our Logo