​Nick Madincea (19)

"Ms. Ferrone embodies what every Midshipmen at the Naval Academy should be"

-Marjorie's former company commander at the United States Naval Academy

Marjorie is the executional director of Drone Parks Worldwide. She’s operationally minded with a strong attention to detail--translating every part of their vision into actionable steps.

“You must fully believe in the dream and have both feet on the ground in reality,” Marjorie says.

Growing up as an athlete, Marjorie’s demand for perfection and unwillingness to settle took her to the national level in rowing and swimming. Her years spent competing taught her the value of practice, discipline, and getting back up in the face of defeat.

Marjorie’s fascination with drones began while studying at the United States Naval Academy. She learned about drones used in warfare and wondered, how can drones be used for public good? At the University of Pennsylvania, Marjorie worked on a project in Montana that employed drones to look for dinosaur bones.

She graduated Summa Cum Laude, and soon after crossed paths with Nick. As soon as she heard his idea for Drone Parks Worldwide, she was ready to make it happen.

“In four years, someone is going to be running this. We want it to be us,” Marjorie says.

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CoFounder and Chief Operations Officer 

Founder and Chief Executive Officer 


"I can confirm that Nick was one of the best to execute this role [Senior Patrol Leader]. He lead by example, earned respect with each action he took, and did so in a cheerful manner"

-Nick's former Scout Master


Nick brings the vision, creativity, and big picture direction to the Drone Parks team. As a natural leader, he is both inquisitive and tenacious when it comes to pursuing opportunities for innovation.

“When I see something that’s not working, I’m willing to ask why. Why hasn’t anyone changed or challenged it?” Nick says.

The son of a geophysicist and chemist, Nick grew up with parents who appreciated science and fast cars. The rush of watching Formula One races enthralled him as a child, and by 12 years old he was flying Cessna airplanes. For Nick, the risks and responsibilities of jumping into the pilot seat energized him. He thrived when given the freedom to lead, explore, and fly. Soon, Nick took his leadership skills for a test drive on land in Boy Scouts, where he was elected the Senior Patrol Leader of one of the largest troops in Texas.

When it came time to choose a career path, Nick landed at a law firm. He bought his first drone while interning there--a purchase that would change the trajectory of his future. Once Nick saw the path to building Drone Parks Worldwide, it

was the only path.

“College can wait, this idea can’t,” says Nick

 "two of the most ambitious drone industry entrepreneurs on the planet"

-The Quadtalk Podcast

Nick and Marjorie's recent interview with a local Houston publication, Woodlands Online.

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